Design Process & Approach

At Glen Petersen Architect, we are committed to offering each of our clients value for money and peace of mind by lending you our creative and innovative minds to see your ambitions realised. We stand by our values of respect, honesty, creativity, communication and transparency.

We deliver life-long value by continually evolving our services to reflect the current economic and social circumstances that shape our clients’ requirements. Our client-centred approach means that you’re involved in our process, every step of the way. We keep the channels of dialogue open between client, users and designers from beginning to end. This ensure we can pre-empt situational circumstances that may arise, effectively tailoring our outcomes to meet the needs of all stakeholders—but particularly those of our clients.

Commercial Design Approach

Glen Petersen Architect group takes a client-focused approach to the design process, allowing us to accommodate both budget sensitive and high-end design strategies. For commercial projects, this means actively consulting and interacting with key stakeholders to achieve a dynamic and economic design that is both innovative and highly appropriate. With our significant experience in design, documentation and implementation of industrial master planning, we know exactly how important it is to have an in-depth understanding of your corporate identity and business operations. We apply this knowledge to ensure our designs sustain your business, desired commercial outcomes, and corporate culture. We work with project consultants to ensure that project requirements are delivered on time, and within budget.

Multi-Residential Design Approach

We incorporate an experienced understanding of multi-residential architecture and urban design with a pragmatic, flexible and collaborative approach to the design process. Increasing value and adding visual appeal, our work encompasses a broad range of scales and budgets. Drawing on three decades of experience in multi-residential architecture, we bring a proven ability to deliver enduring, high quality apartment design — that is distinct and valued by the market.  We are free of stylistic prejudices and we don’t favour any construction or delivery system. We are equally at ease working with small developers as we are with the market leaders.

Residential Design Approach

For our residential clients, we understand that a house is designed with many objectives and our flexible design strategy allows us to be responsive to your needs. When designing your family home, we will work closely with you to develop a design brief to accommodate all the needs and requirements of your family and lifestyle. Glen Petersen Architect understand domestic scale, we have a strong background in single family homes and our approach to residential developments is informed by what in our experience creates a harmonious home. We bring a developed knowledge of residential market trends as well as product technology and finishes. We ensure your design has aesthetic longevity, physical durability, and remains relevant in the real-estate marketplace.

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