Joint Venture Partnering

PTA Peddle Thorp PNG

In order to further the services and expertise currently provided to a wide range of clients in Papua New Guinea, Glen Petersen Architect has entered into a partnering arrangement with Peddle Thorp Architects PNG.

The Peddle Thorp Architects PNG/ Glen Petersen Architect (PTA PNG/GPA) Project Group is currently working on several projects together and have successfully completed the design, contract documentation and construction services for a range of commercial projects, multi-residential and fit-out/ interior design projects. The companies are closely aligned with respect to their resources and their commitment to the provision of a high standard of service that will make a positive contribution to the development and growth of our clients, whilst also making a conscious and positive contribution to the built environment of Papua New Guinea.

By blending project management, planning and design expertise from two companies, PTA PNG/ Glen Petersen Architect, offers exceptional value to our customers. The combined strengths of the Group’s experience and resources enable us to streamline and effectively resolve complex projects with highly appropriate outcomes. To learn more about the exciting projects Glen Petersen Architect is involved with PTA PNG please visit their website.

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Papua New Guinea
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Port Moresby 121 Papua New Guinea


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